Four 457 Visa Application Must-Haves

Applying for a 457 subclass visa is becoming increasingly common.Every year more employers look for, and find, skilled overseas workers with unique qualifications and experience that can’t be found within the companies’ own borders. The 457 classification refers to workers who will migrate for a fixed length of time, often four years. There are a few things that are required from every applicant for a 457 visa, regardless of where they are from, or how long they will be staying. These requirements are meant to protect the citizens of the country importing the overseas workers, as well as the employees themselves.

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A Qualified Sponsor

This is the first step toward relocation. Many companies who wish to hire skilled workers from other countries use an immigration agent to expedite the process of screening, training, and hiring qualified employees, because the process can be convoluted and confusing. A sponsoring company will have to nominate the number of open positions they are interested in filling. There is a cap on how many positions can be filled over a two year stretch, with an additional nomination needed for any additional openings. If you are interested in applying, you will first have to be offered a position, or the chance of a position, by a sponsoring company. The sponsorship and nomination have to be filed either with, or before, an individual applies for the visa.

English Language Proficiency

This is a relatively simple requirement if you are proficient in the English language. In order to determine whether you have English language proficiency, you will need to pass a proficiency exam, or qualify for an English language exemption, based on your salary offer. For more detailed information, you should consult with a migration agent who can help you prepare for the proficiency exam, or determine whether you are exempt due to your country of origin, or other criteria.

Health Insurance Coverage

One of the most important requirements for any 457 applicant is proof of adequate health insurance, for both themselves and any family members who will be migrating with them. Without the proper health insurance, an application will be rejected. If your coverage lapses during your employment, the visa can also be revoked.

Full-Time Employment

Granting of a 457 visa is always based on full-time employment in the sponsoring country. A migration agent can determine whether a position is considered full-time based upon the job description, hours of work, and other factors, for both temporary and permanent visa applications. It’s important to note that if a full-time position becomes part-time, your 457 can be revoked.

If your employment status changes, consult with the migration agent who helped you through the initial application process. In many cases, your employer can refer you to a migration agent if you don’t have your own.

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